Teaser…Music to His Ears

The Omega Rescue Book Two: Music to His Ears

by Kian Rhodes

Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

(We all remember Spencer from Unlawfully Claimed, right?)


“Do you want a drink?” Harry asked, gesturing over to the makeshift bar that was set up in the corner.

I shook my head again and this time, his brow furrowed.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

“Oh, man.” I stiffened as a familiar mocking voice came from behind me. “You do not want that one to talk. It’s worse that a cat with its tail under a rocking chair!”

Before I registered that Harry had left my side, he had the other Alpha pinned to the wall by one large hand, his talons piercing the wood.

“What did you just say?” Harry hissed, apparently unaware that the room had gone silent and all eyes were on him.

“Have you heard him talk?” The shifter whined and then gasped when Harry tightened his grip further.

“Okay, okay,” Clint’s command voice pierced the whispers filling the room. “What’s going on here?”

“This vermin insulted Spencer,” Harry snarled, his eyes flashing.

“I see,” Clint sounded amused. “We certainly aren’t going to have that. How about you set him down and we’ll see him on his way?”

Harry didn’t answer beyond another flex of his palm against the hapless Alpha’s windpipe.

“I’m sorry!” He gasped, his face an unhealthy shade of red.

“Uh, Spence?” Colby stepped up beside me. Despite the tense scene unfolding in front of us, he sounded like he was trying not to laugh. “Maybe you could ask your protector not to kill the weasel? I think you might have better luck getting through to him than Clint is.”

“Th..there are weasel sh..shifters?” I asked, amazed I’d never heard of such a thing. Colby just laughed and nudged me forward.

“Ha..Harry?” I whispered, placing my hand on his arm. “Pl..please let him go?”

His hand released instantly, the other Alpha’s limp body dropping to the floor as Harry pulled me close to his body. I could feel his pulse racing and the thick musk rolling off of him made my breath catch in my throat.

“You’re okay?” He muttered into my throat as he drew in deep breaths, still pinning my trembling body to his.

“Y..yes,” I swallowed as the tip of his tongue brushed my skin. “I’m fine.”

Harry stepped to the side, pulling me with him so that Dr. Morgan could check the unconscious Alpha’s pulse.

“He’ll be fine,” Dr. Morgan said with a smirk as the Alpha opened his eyes. “That is, assuming he leaves before Harry has another go at him.”

Clint reached down and pulled him up by the back of his jacket, dragging him to the door. “I believe it’s time for you to be going.”

“Are..are you okay?” I asked Harry but his answer was lost as I was pushed aside by a mob of Omegas all responding to the same Alpha musk that had my body thrumming.



I had finally mastered my dragon, forcing him away from the instinctive need to kill the creature that had maligned Spencer when I realized that I could no longer catch Spencer’s light, clean scent through the cloying scent of aroused Omegas. I tried to step back from the sea of hands that stroked my flesh, tearing at my clothes as I peered through the crowd converging on me. I roared in frustration at the loss and the hands froze, the room again falling silent.

“Back away, now.” I could hear the Trevor’s soft voice urging the mob around me to dissipate. “There are plenty of available Alphas over there. Go mingle.”

Soon I caught his scent again and saw that Spencer hadn’t left me. Through the crowd, I’d simply been unable to see him leaning against the wall. His beautiful green-flecked eyes were huge and luminous and his breath was ragged as he watched me.

“Spence?” Trevor called him over to us. “Why don’t you take Harry out for some air?”

Spencer nodded and held one small hand out to me. I took it, enveloping it in my own and followed him out into the crisp midnight air. We walked a short distance and then he stopped in front of a small seating area.

“I’m sorry.” I struggled to decide which of my reprehensible actions to apologize for first.

“Why?” Spencer was staring at me.

“For losing my temper. For scaring you.”

“Oh,” Spencer released a small laugh. “I..I don’t know that any Om..Omega is going to com..complain about an Alpha’s pro..protective streak.” He smiled, a small dimple appearing in his cheek. “And I wasn’t sc..scared.”

“Really?” I could scarcely believe what I was hearing. “You’re not scared of me?”

Spencer shook his head slowly and I drew in a deep breath, testing the air for signs of distress. Instead, the odor teasing the scent organ in the roof of my mouth was all Spencer, clean and light but with a sweet, spicy finish that suggested something far from distress. I leaned down to his neck and sucked in another mouthful. It was delicious and addicting. Spencer whimpered, a low, needy sound that began to unravel me.

“The things you are doing to me,” I murmured, running my thin forked tongue along his neck and absorbing the resulting shiver greedily. I sat on the pine bench and pulled my Omega – for there was no doubt in my mind now that he was mine – between my legs so my lips could reach his. He moaned as his body came in contact with my hard cock through our clothes and opened his lips to allow my assault to continue.

He gripped my arms to steady himself and pressed closer to me, his hands massaging my biceps as he moaned into my mouth.

“We can’t do this,” I breathed, forcing myself to release Spencer’s firm body.

“Wh..what?” He gasped, tightening his grip on me.

“Not here.” I shoved myself to my feet, catching Spencer in my arms as I started for the guest cottage that had been set aside for my use during my visit. It wasn’t fancy but it was private and privacy was the only thing on my mind. “Not where anyone and everyone can interrupt us.”

“You st..still want me?” My silly Omega asked against my neck, his warm breath caressing my skin.

The question was so absurd that it was laughable. There was no way I was giving him up.


…… to be continued…..


❤ Kian


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