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As you know, NDP is big on community involvement. Authors in each different genre are given the opportunity to donate royalty shares to different charities which NDP then matches. You also know by now that every book I write supports a deserving cause.

Usually, the charities that are chosen are big, well-known groups with plenty of exposure. This time? Not so much.

Brandie is the owner of NDP Publications and Michelle is her sister instead of a recognized charity. That means that there are limits on how donations can be made.

If you can see your way to make a donation to help this deserving foster mom get a vehicle that can safely hold 2 car seats, every penny will be greatly appreciated!

If you make ANY donation, please email me your receipt and mailing address, and I will send you a collection of custom bookmarks for the first three Omega Auction Books (Soul Mate for Sale, Buyer Beware & The Mating Game) -not available ANYWHERE else yet!

If you donate $20 or more and email me your receipt and mailing address, I will send you the bookmarks as well as an autographed copy of The Omega Chronicles or Soul Mate for Sale and Buyer Beware on CD (Your choice) with an autographed insert.  Please tell me which gift you would prefer.

If you can donate over $100, I will write you a personalized short story! Minimum 20,000 words – you choose the genre (Romance [mm, ff, mf,t], Children’s story (yep – I write those lol),  mystery – whatever you want! I will then provide it in softcover print AND Kindle format.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!



I can give something! (Click here to donate)

Here is their story…

When things go wrong – drastically wrong – in domestic life, its often the smallest victims who are the first to be overlooked, and, in most families, there is that one person who steps up simply because someone needs to.  This year, in our family, that person is my sister.

Already a mother of three with two teenagers at home – and long past the times of diapers, bottles and naps – she stepped up to take in two foster children to ensure that the siblings wouldn’t be separated. They are both under three.

Their basic needs are covered. Friends, relatives, and visits to second-hand shops supplied furniture, toys and the like. They are safe now, and have food, shelter, plenty of love, and, because of my sister and her family, they will continue to have each other.  The only thing missing is what I am here to ask for help with.

Michelle’s family of four was already packed into her small car as tightly as they could be. Now, with the addition of two toddler car seats, transportation has become an issue. Every trip, whether it’s the bowling alley, the grocery store, or even the daily trips to and from school for the older kids, now requires two trips instead of one.

Still, my sister doesn’t complain. She cares for the babies as if they were her own, and prays for them every night.

I’ve watched the selfless devotion with which she threw herself back into a role that, I, myself, can’t imagine facing at my age and I’d like to be able to help more than I can.

 That brings me here today. Any donation, no matter how small, toward the goal of purchasing a safe used vehicle that can safely seat seven would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time!


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